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Virtual training for healthcare providers and carers on palliative care for children

Patch Academy is an online learning platform that offers paediatric palliative care training via interactive courses on various aspects of providing holistic care to children with palliative care needs. The paediatric palliative care courses have been developed by a group of experts in the field with members of a multi-disciplinary palliative care team in mind. However, there are no prerequisites for taking our courses. We invite anyone with an interest in caring for children with serious, chronic, life-threatening and/or complex medical conditions and their families to complete any or all of them.

Our Paediatric Palliative Care Courses

Make a difference this May

You can be a hero to a child and make a difference this May by learning how best to assess and manage pain and other symptoms in children, make ethical decisions and provide the best care possible at the end of life. We’re offering a massive 50% discount for the entire month of May on the following four courses:

  • Assessing and managing children’s pain (5 General & 1 Ethics CPD pts)
  • Symptom management in children’s palliative care (5 General & 1 Ethics CPD pts)
  • End of Life care for children (5 General & 1 Ethics CPD pts)
  • Ethics and Decision making in children’s palliative care (6 Ethics CPD pts)

Purchase one or all of these courses during the month of May and you can complete them at any time in the future.

Baby in hospital bed | Introducing Children's Palliative Care

Introducing Children’s Palliative Care

A comprehensive overview of the key elements of children's palliative care provision.

Little girl playing with her hair | Supporting Grieving Children Course

Supporting Grieving Children

A course for parents, carers or professionals caring for children grieving due to the loss of a loved one.

Doctor with his little patient | Communication in Children's Palliative Care

Communication in Children’s Palliative Care

Improve your communication skills with children, their parents, caregivers and colleagues.


Assessing and Managing Children’s Pain

Learn how to recognise, assess and successfully manage pain in babies, children and young adults.

Child on floor with paper heart | Teamwork Managing Conflict and Self-Care

Teamwork, Managing Conflict and Self-Care

Learn what's needed to work well in a team, manage conflict in difficult situations and to practice self-care.

child sitting cross legged | Cultural Competency & Spiritual Care in Paediatric Palliative Care

Cultural Competency and Spiritual Care

Learn to assess and provide appropriate cultural and spiritual care to children with serious illnesses and their families.

Child and mother in hospital | Psychosocial Support in Children's Palliative Care

Psychosocial Support in Children’s Palliative Care

Assessing, managing and providing psychosocial support to children and families. 

Mother and child | Loss, Grief, & Bereavement in Children's Palliative Care

Loss, Grief and Bereavement in Children’s Palliative Care

Learn how to assess the needs and provide support to grieving parents, children and family members.


Ethics and Decision Making in Children’s Palliative Care

Learn about children's rights, the law and how to ensure ethical decision making in children's palliative care.

Sick child showing a thumbs up | holistic assessment and palliative care planning

Holistic Assessment and Palliative Care Planning

Learn how to assess holistically and plan ahead for emergency situations and for the terminal phase of a child's illness.


Symptom Management in Children’s Palliative Care

Learn to identify and manage common symptoms in children needing palliative care.


End-of-Life Care for Children

Learn how to manage end-of-life care for babies, children and young people and support their families.

Parents on hospital bed with their newborn | Perinatal and Neonatal Palliative Care

Perinatal and Neonatal Palliative Care

Learn how to provide support to mothers, babies and family members when a baby is at high risk of dying before or shortly after birth.


2024 Comprehensive 9-Month Course on Children’s Palliative Care

Registration for this course has closed for 2024. Please do not enroll.

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