Bendine Joubert
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I “dropped out”of the course as I could not summon the energy or motivation to continue, it was always….next week…. I had patients over a period of time that took a lot of my time, even after hours. I put my patients before my family responsibilities. I was always asking myself if I had done enough for my patients, I was doubting my belief systems and the meaning of life. I had difficulty sleeping, constant headaches and felt that I was not really being productive.
I started again with the course today, and after the first hour, I realised that I was suffering of compassion fatigue and well on my way to burnout. But, at the same time, I received the knowledge to help myself, thank you so much. I know that I will complete the course on time, I have the ability to work hard.
Our team is very small, only 4 RN’s, no manager or social worker. We have weekly meetings as office group, as well as a meeting with volunteer GP every 6 weeks. We have very good relations with the local GP’s and hospitals, and that helps a lot.
I do not have pediatric patient at the moment, but I am greatful for this module and know that I will refer back to it in times of need.