Sarah Wilkins
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This is a great approach to improving to team collaboration- providing workshops and in-services to the team as whole to allow for case discussions, brain storming, problem-solving and ensure that all members have better idea of the different roles each members can play and support they can offer. Furthermore, this can assist in helping a team move from a more ‘siloed’ or multidisciplinary approach to a more ‘collaborative’ or interdisciplinary’ one. We have also implemented a monthly multidisciplinary team meeting in which each discipline gets a month to share on a topic with the rest of the team with aim of improving service delivery.

Some of the other solutions we have implemented include: a daily morning handover within the rehab department where we discuss each case being seen in the ward by OT/PT & SLT in order to align assessment and management plans as well to transfer knowledge between one another as well as regularly booking patients being seen by multi professionals on the same day to be seen by the professionals at the same time.