Charne Cox (Loe)
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Wow Thanishiya, the simulation training as a team is such a good idea.
In our facility we do weekly team meetings where each patients concerns and goals are discussed in detail. The entire team is there (excluding the family for these meetings). Out team includes: Doctor, nurse, PT, OT, ST, psychologist, social worker, dietician, funder/medical aid rep. For certain cases a play therapist and educational psychologist may also be included. We find these meetings incredibly beneficial as this is how we ensure that we are all speaking the same language and best care for the children and their families. We do not invite families to these meetings as there is a lot of medical jargon and ideas being thrown around.
For the families and children we have 2-3 family meetings (more if requested or the need arises) where we encourage the family to be active participants in the team and allow for informed decision making. We set aside a full hour per family meeting so that we ensure our undivided attention is given to the family, in a quiet room. In these meetings there is a Dr, nurse, OT, PT, ST, funder, social worker, psychologist, dietician. It is in these meetings where we find the families start to build a relationship with us and us with them.