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      An MDT can really be a mixed bag .. an older very experienced and p.c. educated nurse, a young millenial social worker, and a Gen-Z social worker, both with limited/no experience in PC, a middle aged, fairly experienced activist-type pc nurse, very young new doctor studying PC now, and a retired Spiritual counsellor recovering from major age-related surgery …volunteers with varying skills in arts and crafts …

      Each one with a heart of gold, a goldmine of good intentions, patience (runs out at times) with limited basic equipment needed in order to serve the pc community … frustrations at ‘waste of time’ meetings or calls from management (like fund-raising) and the unpredictabilty of gaining access to patients because of yet another taxi-strike, or the community warning of “no-go” areas …
      and there’s the patient hoping to be seen .. the family with expectations not yet unpacked …

      .. the real person, in the flesh, the patient, needs us to put our own stuff aside and work together ..
      .. for the patient’s sake.

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