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    • Patricia Rapholo
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      As a renal nurse, seeing children’s bodies shutting down, breathing being irregular’ and skin cool to touch, that becomes sad especially that it’s known that they are not for active resuscitation o

    • Sarah Curry
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      I agree, it is heartbreaking. You’ve reminded me of a patient we had who needed a kidney transplant but because he lived in a foster home with very little support, they could not place him on the list to receive a kidney. I understand why the guidelines are there for the child’s sake and now I also understand how this can help doctors with the stress of making these decisions. It gives them a framework in very difficult situations. At the time this information was new to me and caused a great deal of distress.

    • Sue Boucher
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      All I can add to this thread is to say ‘thank you’ to both of you for being nurses who truly care about their patients and who still allow their hearts to break when difficult ethical dilemmas inevitably lead to the death of a child. <3

Viewing 2 reply threads
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