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    • Patricia Rapholo
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      My mother was admitted to the hospital due to Covid 19 and she had type two diabetic mellitus and she was also hypertensive. After a week of her admission i saw her deteriorating but had denial. Her doctor called us for a meeting to say that things are not looking good and asking us as a family that what should be done if she gets cardiac arrest. Should they resuscitate her and send her to the intensive care unit? or should they put her on morphine and on oxygen therapy? Deep down i knew that she was not going to make it and she was not a candidate for intensive care unit but i ended up saying that they should leave her to rest peacefully with dignity

    • Helene Best
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      Such a tough decision to be made. It must have been so hard for you and your family.
      I am fortunately not in the position where I have to make those decisions as a clinician, but your post reminded me that one might be confronted with this in one’s personal life too. I would imagine that I will struggle a lot with any of those decisions, but particularly with deciding to stop feeding, as feeding is such a basic need and urge, and one would not want to see a person starving, even when their ability or motivation to eat has subsided.

    • Sue Boucher
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      I’m so sorry that you had to face such a tough situation and make such a hard decision, Patricia, and I hope that you have found peace with the decision you made. Thank you for sharing this personal experience. <3

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