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      I have no experience with assessment tools and planning but can possibly relate this to my experience with my mom. After fighting with ill health for a long time she was admitted by the geriatrician to the hospital and into the dementia ward as she was very confused. After she settled she moved to another ward but was in great discomfort and was very unhappy. There was very little communication from Doctors as to how and what we could expect and there was little empathy and discussion with my mom in explaining the situation to her (although she was confused I think that they could have conveyed what was going to happen and how it should be handled a little earlier down the line). My dad had passed away years before and as an only child I was navigating her journey and illness alone. She was finally admitted to Hospice but by this stage she was no longer lucid and was very agitated. Assessment and treatment plans were never discussed and after this module I can see the massive value and role that they can play for family and patients – I truly wish that we would have been given the opportunity to have one x

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