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      I loved this portion of the course- realizing that the possibilities are endless, if there are enough resources.

      I have not specialized in palliative care, but by virtue of the field that I work in (paediatric oncology) this is what we have had to “learn” to do- often through trial and error, often – and I’m being vulnerable- at the expense of the holistic care of the patient and family.

      Of course our team has tried to form “teams” that holistically look at patients, but this process is often tripped by a large lack of resources- time, allied health teams, a large patient load etc.

      I’m sad that many opportunities have been missed, but also excited that there are possibilities to enlarge our team. Perhaps the answer is to start in small chunks- perhaps include the current people that are available (and willing) and start a conversation about how we can move to an MDT/IDT type of approach?

      It’s a start…

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