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    • Vhutshilo Netshituni
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      In my experience, when the goal is to enhance the patient experience and improve health outcomes, bringing together a diverse group of people with varying experiences, expertise, and skills is still quite simple. Due to the fact that all are striving for the same objective. I have observed that high-performing multidisciplinary teams in healthcare often grapple with organizational barriers, varying professional values, accountability challenges, and decision-making dilemmas. This at times can lead to a breakdown in teamwork. Seniors in the teams must therefore prioritize creating an environment conducive to collaboration and set the tone for communication through open feedback. Seniors should also intervene and offer guidance when there are disagreements in opinions and approaches, known as task conflict.Collaboration among team members improves patient care, problem-solving, and fosters personal development for everyone involved.

    • Tracy
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      You raise such an important aspect of teamwork! If we prioritize enhancing the patient’s experience over pursuing our own personal agendas within the team, we can collaborate more effectively. Unfortunately, one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome is ego.

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