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      This is my experience within my industry as a chef. I’ve never really had to look after a child with a life-threatening illness as a team.
      We had to do a chef’s table for our family, where were Back of House (BoH) and Front of House )FoH). I was part of the Boh and we had to be a team to get the food cooked. And we have to be a team with the Foh so that they can serve the meal. The Foh was very unorganized and didn’t know what they were doing. The FoH not being organized messed with the BoH rhythm and we all become very frustrated with the FoH. This caused fights and arguments in front of our guests, which was unprofessional.

      Another experience I had was with University and we had to do a project on teams. And none of them cooperated with the project, they were not interested, and they didn’t attend any of our meetings.

      Also, I have seen as a sister of a young brother with a heart disease and medical condition, how the doctors and nurses and all the medical people had to work together to attend to my brother and any other patient.

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