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    • Tarryn Bell
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      As a Social Worker, people usually assume that you must be an excellent team player. In reality, team work and groups are my worst. On this journey of starting a Children’s Hospice, expanding and having to rely on a multi-disciplinary team, I have truly come to understand and value having a strong team around me. Providing quality care to our little patients, their families, as well as our staff members, can be absolutely overwhelming and exhausting. Over the years, at Butterfly Home, our team has started identifying and voicing each other’s weaknesses and strengths and have created a culture embracing the phrase “when I am weak, you are strong”. We do not all function at 100% capacity each day and we all have our personal and professional ups and downs. The beauty of belonging to, and creating, a team where you feel supported and valued, is that we can help carry each other’s burdens and make sure, accounting for each other’s daily capacities, that as a team we strive to operate at 100%. Only true teamwork can make this happen.

    • Tracy
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      Thank you, Tarryn! I found the title “When I am weak, you are strong…” incredibly profound. Your insight into the importance of having and being surrounded by a strong team emphasizes our vulnerability and humanity as individuals. In the work we do, feeling supported and valued in our roles within the team is essential.

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