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    • Nomsa Shaba
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      Good communication skills are essential part of providing the needed care and support intervensions.Patient,s and families respond differently to the impact of life limiting illness and diagnosis of which is changing.
      Physical emotional,cognitive and spiritual factors vary and communication within families can be challenging.Health proffesionals working with children need to develop appopriatecommunication skills to promote purposeful and usefulrlationships with paediatric patient and family.

      Honesty and open communication with the child and family is beneficial and important in childrens palliative care.Effective communication helps children to become involved i their own care management and improves adherence to treatment.

    • Tracy
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      Nomsa, you captured the importance of effective communication skills wonderfully! Without them, we can’t fully implement an impactful palliative care approach that centers the child and their family in the care process.

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