A spectrum of care

A spectrum of care

In the textbook Perinatal Palliative Care: a clinical guide chapter 4 authors page 64, Amy Kuebelbeck and Erin M. Denney-Koelsch,  say the following :

“Choosing to continue a pregnancy with a life-limiting anomaly opens up a number of further decisions for the approach to care for the pregnant mother and the baby. When considering the type of care parents may want for the pregnancy, birth, and neonatal period, there exists a spectrum of care options from life-sustaining approach to a comfort approach to care with middle-ground approaches in between.  It is important that both providers and parents understand this as a spectrum and not a black-and-white choice.”

Interventions for each approach within the spectrum of care include:

  • A comfort care approach:

    • Swaddling, holding, warming, feeding, alleviation of pain and discomfort
  • A middle-ground approach

    • Noninvasive procedures, oxygen,positive-pressure ventilation, NICU admission, alleviation of pain and symptoms
  • A life-sustaining approach

    • Resuscitation, NICU admission, ventilation, invasive procedures, alleviation of pain and symptoms