Course navigation

Important navigation tools to keep you on track

Here are some important and helpful hints and tips to assist you in navigating your way through all our Patch Academy courses. Please take a few minutes to read them as their purpose is to make the learning journey smooth and enjoyable and to save you time.

How long will it take to complete the course?

Each course is unique and will take a different amount of time to complete. However, any work or tests completed will be saved as you go so you can return to continue working through the course whenever you wish. We estimate that this course will take 5 hours to complete if you do all the recommended reading.

Menu, Modules and Topics

The course is divided into Modules each of which have a number of related Topics. Each module covers one aspect of the course you are working through.¬† You’ll find the breakdown on the Menu to the left of your screen which can also be used to navigate between modules and topics. The menu bar can be minimised by clicking the left pointing arrow at the top of the bar. We suggest you do this to give yourself more screen width. Once you have finished each topic and module and completed any required activities and quizzes, remember to mark them complete at the bottom of the page before moving to the next one.

To return to the module or to the first page of the course, click on the ‘Back to Module’ or ‘Back to Course’ you will find at the bottom of each page. To return to the beginning of the module, click on the name of the module at the top of the menu bar. To return to the home page, click on the Patch logo at the top of the menu.

Quizzes & Activities

Several quizzes and activities are dotted through the modules to help reinforce information and keep you interacting with our course. You must complete each one and gain an 80% pass mark in order to earn your certificate at the end of the course.


Once you have completed the final quiz and passed with a mark of 80% or more, you can download and print your certificate. Should you require CPD points, please follow instructions found on the Get Started page.

Watch for the signs

As you work through the course, certain icons will alert you to what to expect. Some icons are links that will take you to online resources that we have identified as providing useful information or to articles and research related to the topics. Remember to close these links and return to the course when you have completed the required reading.

These are the signs to look for: