Grief can be a messy business

Grief is a messy thing!!!

In the previous topic we explored different grief theories and models to try ang get a better understanding of how grief is experienced and what is needed in order to grieve ‘normally’ but when speaking to anyone who is grievin, especially parents who have lost a child will say that in their experience grief is a messy business.

‘Grief has a life force of its own, it breathes, it provokes, it teaches, it aggravates, it wants attention. When we ignore it, or even think we have it figured out, grief reminds us that we do not.’ says Marny Williams about his own grief experience in his contibutory post  “Grief is A Messy Thing” found on the Henry Wasler website.

Parents often describe the grief process after the loss of a child like being on a rollercoaster or in a whirlpool. A range of different emotions are experienced, from great anger, deep sadness and depression to feelings of relief, then back to feeling angry or sad again. Grief has also been described as ‘chaotic, messy and complicated’.

The messy truth about grief | Nora McInerny

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