Memory making

Helping the child make meaningful memories

A person who has died lives on in the memory of those left behind. Parents who are terminally ill sometimes leave letters, videos, or photographs to help children remember how much they were loved. For younger children, most of their knowledge of the person who died will come from memories of other family members. Memory making for older children and adolescents, which includes sharing stories and creating tangible memories, helps them hold onto the significant importance of the role the loved one played in their life.

Make a Memory Tree

The book The Memory Tree is a South African story book written by Savnola Goldridge which is available to read and download for free from the Book Dash website. It tells the story of Thembi and Thulani who are sad. They miss their Grandpa Nathi, so their daddy and mommy find a special way for them to remember him.

Make a Memory Box

Making memory boxes is another simple way to help children hold on to precious memories of their loved ones. This short Sesame Street video shows how memory boxes can help a bereaved child.