Terminal care plan

Terminal care plans

A Terminal Care Plan (also known as an End-of-Life Plan) should form part of the Advanced Care Plan. It is a separate document that deals specifically with end-of-life issues and concerns.

Checklist of information needed in terminal care plan

  • Personal details-
    • Name
    • Main caregivers
    • Diagnosis
    • Home language
  • Management of pain and symptoms e.g. excessive secretions, nausea and agitation.
  • Comfort measures to be taken-
    • Non-essential drugs stopped and required medication to treat symptoms started
    • Inappropriate interventions stopped e.g. blood tests and intravenous lines.
    • Resuscitation status agreed and recorded
    • Syringe driver considered and set up, if available
  • Spiritual needs of the child and family assessed
  • Communication with the family-
    • Who makes decisions within the family?
    • How can they be contacted?
  • Communication with other professionals-
    • Who are the key professionals involved?
    • How can they be contacted?
  • Out of hours emergency details (if the child is being cared for at home)-
    • Who will the family call in an emergency?
    • What will happen?
    • Do the family know what to do?
    • Have they got enough medication?
    • Do they know how to manage the situation if the child is dying?