Untreated and treated pain in children

What happens when pain is untreated in children?

Children feel pain in exactly the same way as adults do. Therefore untreated pain can have the following affects:

  • Untreated acute pain can lead to a metabolic changes that increase morbidity and even mortality.
  • Untreated acute pain can result in chronic pain.
  • Exposure to painful procedures, especially newborn babies, can reset the pain threshold for the rest of the child’s life.
  • Untreated pain can cause anxiety, depression irritability and exhaustion.

What happens when pain is treated in children?

When a child’s pain is well treated the following can happen:

  • Morbidity and even mortality can be decreased.
  • The child’s quality of life can be improved.
  • Insomnia (poor sleeping) can be reduced.
  • Depression in older children and adolescents can be lifted especially if they are experiencing chronic pain