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The course is accredited with a total of 8 CPD points being 4 General and 4 Ethics points from the Colleges of Medicine in South Africa – CMSA.

What is the Perinatal and Neonatal Palliative Care course about?

Perinatal palliative care encompasses holistic care of the fetus or newborn baby diagnosed with a life-limiting condition either in pregnancy or soon after delivery and includes providing support to the parents, siblings, and other close family members. It requires timely decision-making, planning and a focus on improving their quality of life through a continuum of care from diagnosis, through death and into the bereavement period. The modules and topics within this course include:

  • Introduction to perinatal palliative care
  • Providing palliative care in the antenatal period
  • Care and support during labour and immediately after delivery
  • Care and support during the neonatal period
  • Key considerations in perinatal palliative care

Course Reviews

Why take the course?

“Perinatal palliative care is something that all health care providers are exposed to and yet there is very little teaching or guidance on how to support and help these families. What I love about this course is that it highlights what we can do as individual healthcare providers, what language to use, what questions to ask, and how to walk an uncertain road with families. Although time is often limited, there is no need for fancy equipment or resources, we can all learn from this course how to be more sensitive, how to care for, and potentially ease the course of a bereaved parent’s journey. The course provides some excellent resources, and the videos help to demonstrate how good perinatal palliative care can make an enormous difference to these families. An excellent course, well worth the time for anyone working in obstetrics and paediatrics.”

Dr Nicolette Brown
Paediatric Neonatologist

“Overall, it’s a fantastic course on an essential and delicate topic. I really enjoyed learning from it, and it is presented so beautifully. I appreciated the inclusion of genetic counselling and found the section on debriefing and self-care so important. The course was structured and presented well, and it is clear that it was thought through and carefully curated. Well done on a fantastic course!”

Sinead Cameron-Mackintosh
Genetic Counsellor

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