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What is the Teamwork, Managing Conflict and Self-Care course about?

This course offers people working with or caring for children who have life-threatening or life-limiting conditions knowledge on working as a team, caring for yourself so that you are the best team member you can be and how to manage conflict. The information is of particular relevance to teams and people caring for and working with children needing palliative care and their families.

The Teamwork Managing Conflict and Self-Care course covers the following key elements:

  • Knowledge about how teams function
  • Types of teams
  • Working as an effective member of a healthcare team
  • Recognition of the importance of open, honest and empathetic communication between team members
  • Recognise and managing conflict between the team and the patient or parents
  • Recognising signs and managing symptoms of burnout, moral distress, and compassion fatigue
  • Ways to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially

Course Review

Why take the course?

“Think of this module as your essential vaccination. Teamwork, managing conflict and self-care might sound like the “fluffy” non-essential side of paediatric palliative medicine and the module with topics that you most want to avoid. I’d encourage you to pause and sign up, since the “how to” in these essential areas is key. The hard truth remains that if you don’t care for yourself you cannot care for others. If you insist on working in silos your patient outcomes will likely suffer and if you don’t foster trusting respectful relationships with patients, families and colleagues then both professional and personal relationships will likely disintegrate! This module will give you practical and helpful tips and will provide a foundation for patient centred care which is truly about the human being in front of you and the human being within you. Be brave – this course is the foundation for putting the health back into healthcare.”

Melissa Williams-Platt

Bereaved Mother and Palliative Care Coach
Co-Founder and Trustee: Footprints for Sam