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    • Difficult decision’s and ethical dilemma’s
      Below is a list of a few of the difficult decisions that often need to be made when caring for a child who has a life-threatening or life-limiting illness. Which of these decision’s mentioned would you (or do you) personally find most challenging, and why?
      • Withholding or withdrawing life-sustaining treatments
      • Discontinuing feeds at the end of life
      • Do not attempt resuscitation (DNAR) or Allow Natural Death (ANR) 
      • Using sedation at the end of life
      What  difficult decisions and ethical dilemma’s do you most struggle with in your place of work?  

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    • 2 days, 9 hours ago

      Angeline Thomas

    • Forum 3: Working in a team….
      Working in a team can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also come with its own set of challenges. We would love to hear about your experiences with working in teams and how you've managed to overcome any barriers. Let's share our insights and strategies for navigating teamwork effectively. Whether it's communication issues, differing work styles or work environments, there are always ways to improve team collaboration. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
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    • 5 days, 18 hours ago

      Anthea-Lynn Lewis

    • Holistic Assessment
      We would like to hear about the assessment tools you use in your workplace to evaluate and assess patient's in your care. If you use any tools, what challenges have you faced in using them? How do you think these challenges could be addressed? If you currently don't use assessment tools, please share your thoughts and ideas on how you could introduce them in your place of work.
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    • 4 days, 18 hours ago

      Sarah Wilkins

    • Psychosocial care aspects for discussion
      In this discussion, we will focus on the psychosocial aspects of caring for children and their families needing palliative care. This can be a deeply challenging and emotional journey, and sharing experiences, strategies, and support can be invaluable. Below is a list of discussion points. Share any insights, idea's, thoughts or challenges you may have on ONE of this aspects of psychosocial care. Discussion Points:
      1. Supporting Families:
        • What are some effective strategies to support families emotionally and psychologically?
        • How can we involve family members in the care plan while ensuring they are also cared for?
      2. Integrating Multidisciplinary Teams:
        • How can multidisciplinary teams (including social workers, music and art therapists, counsellors, psychologists, and spiritual care providers) collaborate to provide holistic care?
        • Share examples of any successful multidisciplinary approaches you may know of or experienced yourself in your place of work.
      3. The Role of Play:
        • How can play be used as a therapeutic tool in psychosocial care for children?
        • Share examples of play activities that have helped children cope with their illness and treatment.
      4. Challenges and Solutions:
        • Discuss common challenges faced in providing psychosocial care in palliative settings.
        • Brainstorm potential solutions and innovative approaches to overcome these challenges.
      5. Resources and Tools:
        • What resources (books, websites, support groups) have been helpful for you or the children and families you support?
        • Share tools and techniques that can be used to improve psychosocial care in palliative settings.
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    • 1 day, 9 hours ago

      Nomabaso Pango