Footprints 4 Sam scholarships available

About Footprints 4 Sam and the scholarships

Samuel John Frederick Platt

In honour of what would have been Sam’s 7th birthday, on 9 April 2022, Footprints 4 Sam is offering 4 scholarships to complete 10 Patch Academy courses.

Samuel John Frederick Platt was born on 9 April 2015. He spent all 15.5 months of his short life in hospital and endured countless medical interventions.

Following Sam’s death, Sam’s parents, Fred and Melissa, wanted Sam’s healthcare journey, which was far from perfect, to offer change, hope, dignity, mutual respect and connectedness for other children and families in similar situations. This was the start of Footprints 4 Sam.

The Trust fulfils this dream through a few simple initiatives aimed at serving underprivileged children and their families as each day they face the difficult journey of living with a life limiting condition. These complex conditions are often burdensome to the family and the Trust’s 6 key initiatives offer something tangible and beautiful in the midst of much pain and suffering.

It is their mission to leave Footprints of change in neonatal and paediatric wards countrywide, through the cultivation of a healthcare culture of swift and broad-based intervention, early diagnosis and real and achievable family centred solutions, which promote excellence of life for both child and family. Changing lives one footprint at a time.

About the scholarships, Sam’s mom, Melissa Williams-Platt, has this to say:

“These scholarships are an important foundation for growing the Samuel Generation of Healthcare, one where the humanity of each person in the healthcare system, whether patient, family member or health professional is recognised and truly respected. Healthcare quite simply has to start with the idea that we are all equal, as human beings and as such — compassion, kindness, mutual respect and dignity are simply non negotiable.

As a scholarship candidate, your commitment has to be to this fundamental approach to care.  We look forward to welcoming you to the Samuel Generation of Healthcare and to the Footprints 4 Sam family!”

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Apply today for a Footprints 4 Sam scholarship

With the support of Footprints 4 Sam, PatchSA is delighted to offer four full scholarships worth R3 500 each to complete all ten of the following courses from 1 May – 31 December 2022.



Assessing and Managing Children’s Pain 6 General CPD points from CMSA
Communication in Children’s Palliative Care 5 General CPD points from CMSA
3 General CPD points from CPSC
2.5 CPD points from SACSSP
Psychosocial Support in Children’s Palliative Care 4 Ethics and 2 General CPD points from CMSA
3 General CPD points from CPSC
2.5 CPD points from SACSSP
Ethics and Decision Making in Children’s Palliative Care 6 Ethics CPD points from CMSA
Cultural Competency and Spiritual Care 5 Ethics CPD points from CMSA
2 General and 2 Ethics points from CPSC
Loss, Grief and Bereavement in Children’s Palliative Care  6 Ethics CPD points from CMSA
Teamwork, Managing Conflict and Self Care  3 General CPD points from CMSA
Holistic Assessment and Care Planning 3 Ethics and 2 General CPD points from CMSA
Symptom management in Children’s Palliative Care  To be allocated
 End-of-Life Care for children To be allocated

Criteria for applying for a Footprints 4 Sam scholarship 

See if you qualify for the scholarship

Footprints 4 Sam have set out the following criteria for applicants for their scholarships:

  • You are a South African citizen living and working in South Africa and are from a historically disadvantaged racial group as defined by the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003
  • You are currently working with or caring for a child/children who have serious illnesses and health related suffering as a healthcare provider (e.g. doctor, nurse, social worker, physiotherapist, speech therapist, counsellor, psychologist etc.) parent or caregiver
  • You work for an Non Government Organisation (NGO) or you are employed at a Government funded hospital, clinic or institution (unless you are unemployed)
  • You have completed our free Introducing Children’s Palliative Care course and received a certificate of completion
  • You are committed to the values of the Samuel Generation of Healthcare
  • You are willing to give 2 hours Pro Bono of your time to Footprints 4 Sam
  • You like and share the Footprints 4 Sam social media pages
  • You agree to and commit to completing all ten of the courses between 1 May and 31 December 2022.

Closing date for scholarship applications

Closing date for applications has been extended to 30 April 2022.